adults want playtime 10 reasons needed

Adults Want Playtime – 10 Reasons Why They NEED IT

Kids think adults have it easy. That they have all the power, all the fun.

But actually, adulting is hard.

Grown up life is demanding and full of responsibilities we don’t always want to do but need to do anyway.

There is so much to focus on, so much to do, so much to remember, so much stress. Stuff going on, all the time, non-stop, go, go, go.

Depending on where you are in the timeline of your life: there are jobs to go to, classes to attend, children to raise, projects to finish, deadlines to meet, elderly parents to take care of, meetings to attend, things to repair/maintain/replace, mortgages to pay etc.

Busy, busy, busy is the mantra of many.

Yet in the background of the mind, a voice cries…

stop the bus! I need a breath! ….


I’ve been there.

Busy, busy, busy is the mantra of many. Click To Tweet

Even vacations sometimes turn into whirlwinds of activity.

It’s not uncommon to hear people say they need a vacation after their vacation.


Maybe the focus is on accomplishing as many activities as possible instead of enjoying them.

When I’ve gone on vacation and treated my activities as if they’re tasks to be marked off my to-do list – it isn’t really playing.

Playing is something everyone expects children to do. They even tell them to go and play.

But what about grown-ups?

Why do we look at it differently when it comes to adults?

Because we fail to understand the VALUE of play.

And therefore, the NEED for play.

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10 Reasons WHY YOU NEED to PLAY

YOU WANT TO RELIEVE STRESS – Playing causes our bodies to release those wonderful things called endorphins which cause us to feel good and therefore relax and enjoy more.

YOU WANT TO BE PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY – Playing increases energy, youthful feelings and feeds the immune system. Definitions of play state is it not just for fun but for recreation, refreshment, and restoration! These things foster increase in physical and emotional health.


The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression. – Dr Brown


YOU WANT TO BE PRODUCTIVE – Play actually increases the function of our brains which in turn causes better productivity with work.

YOU WANT TO SOLVE PROBLEMS – Play is vital in problem-solving. It causes creativity and innovation.


The highest form of research is essentially play. – N. V. Scarfe


YOU WANT HELP WITH DIFFICULTY – Playing fosters optimism, improves mood, promotes problem-solving, and lightens sorrow. Have you ever experienced the easing of sorrow while at a funeral home? People visiting the grieving many times share stories of the loved one who has passed. When it happens to be a funny story and generates laughter the atmosphere feels lighter and the grieving person is refreshed.

YOU WANT GOOD MENTAL HEALTH – Play is an essential ingredient to good mental health.


The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression. - Dr Brown Click To Tweet


YOU WANT JOY IN YOUR LIFE – Playing and having fun feeds our inner joy and usually makes us laugh (which has additional health benefits)

YOU WANT TO LEARN BETTER – In life there is always something more to learn. It’s common practice to use playing to teach children. That usefulness doesn’t go away once we grow up. The truth remains true.


Play is indispensable to human progress. – Lauren Laverne


YOU WANT RELATIONSHIPS – Playing together refreshes and strengthens long time relationships. It also increases opportunity for trust and deeper sharing (intimacy). Play is a great ice breaker making it easier to make new friends.

BECAUSE YOU WANT TO LIVE – Lack of play increases the risk for stress-related diseases, mental health issues, addiction and interpersonal violence.

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What Next:

  • Turn up your fun!
  • Which reason motivates you most?
  • What are some things you can do to turn up YOUR FUN? Share your ideas in the comments.
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  • Share this article to encourage someone else to turn up their fun.

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7 thoughts on “Adults Want Playtime – 10 Reasons Why They NEED IT

  1. “When is recess?” It gives us permission to play…hooray!

    It seems as if there is an underlying guilt associated with playing or fun time due to the commitments of work, financial commitments, and many more.

    My mind is racing with wonderful things this article brought to surface. Gotta run go play with bubbles 🙂

    Thank you once again Danielle for sharing. Enjoyable and fun! I will read again!

  2. I understand that guilt thing. Been there / done that. I even read a book a number of years ago about how to not feel guilty when you relax.

    I love how you are inspired to go and play – bubbles lol! I have two of my grand kids today and I plan on playing with bubbles today – making bubble snakes (got it off of Pinterest).

  3. Hello, Danielle. Brilliant as usual. Somebody tried to tell me I was immature for playing Pokemon Go. I told them to stop getting old. 🙂

    1. Thank you Shayne! Good answer to your critic! I haven’t played it myself but hear many enjoying it and some playfully claiming they are addicted. One great comment I read about it was that it was a great tool for getting people outside. Very cool. Enjoy!!

  4. It’s difficult to allow ourselves to play as adults. It feels irresponsible a lot of the time but study after study shows how beneficial it can be. If only we listened to the voice inside our head telling us to play instead of the ones telling us to be adults! I’m pushing 50 but I still act like I’m 20. That’s my secret!

    1. I understand that. Being young at heart is a choice. Sometimes a hard choice when life throws those lemons at you. But I have grand kids and that helps. They make me laugh so much and I play with them a lot. It is so much fun.

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