Emerging With Wings

Emerging With Wings: 

A True Story of Lies, Pain, And The Love that Heals

Brought to you by 4F Media and internationally sold. 
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  This memoir is a tumultuous journey

that will make you laugh, cry, and in the end fill you with hope and joy.


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What people are saying:


Wow! What a story! I am on chapter 2 and I can’t put it down. Your story speaks to how I have felt for many years! Truly inspirational! 

Thank you for writing this!!



..I’m on page 43.(you’ve made it to San Diego)…can’t put the book down...***!

and then later from the same reader: We lost electricity Wednesday evening…so I ended up finishing your book using a flashlight…not kidding!!

I have your book and OMG!! 

It’s wonderful!

                              “I couldn’t put it down

“It’s like I was there!”

    “A blessing & a miracle”  

“Your book has changed my way of thinking”

“It has freed me”

After I got mine, I bought a copy for my friend & also for my sister!

I’m reading it for a second time. It has helped me so much. 

I stay up way too late because I can’t put it down.

Maybe you could make a workbook?

This story will make you laugh, cry, & in the end, fill you with hope & joy. #emergingwithwings Click To Tweet

Anne Holmes (NABBW) said in her review – 

“Bernock has offered us a book – and a journey that is sure to speak to everyone.”  

You can read the entire review here

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