This past weekend my husband and I went to an art fair. While meandering about I took note of a clock in the square. It had these words on it: To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.

It captivated me and I started taking photographs of it with my phone.

My husband was puzzled and asked me what I was doing and why. I answered with a short snippet and continued to be absorbed in what I was doing. My answer only puzzled him so he inquired further. I found myself at a loss for words and a flood of emotion ensued. I fumbled to give him an explanation but the emotions clouded my mind.

The following day I was able to unpack the situation in my mind and discovered something.

The clock and the words on them were good and my finding them was also good. However underneath was a negative inner dialogue with myself speaking fear and shame.

My mouth had revealed a mindset I had not be aware of.

Mindsets can be useful or harmful. The awesome thing is that when we discover mindsets that are harmful we have the power to change them. All it takes is for us to make a decision of what we want to change plus a strategy to implement. It may sound simple but it is not easy. Especially if the mindset has been there a long time.

Making the decision that you want to change your mindset gives you the courage to begin.

To start let’s establish what a mindset actually is.

It is pre-set attitudes that interpret life as we encounter it.

It is the habitual thought processes that precede our responses.

It is the program that runs in our mind that we have downloaded either by accident or on purpose.

Simply – it is what we think unconsciously before we act.

This place called the unconscious is the place of power.

It is the place that feeds the conscious. It is where the mind is “set” through either repetition or trauma.

Minds are busy places. We are always thinking something unless we are actively making ourselves inwardly quiet. This constant thinking is an inner meditation where we are talking to ourselves.

So what do YOU say when you talk to yourself?

Your mouth will tell on you just like mine told on me at the art fair.

So…how do you M.I.N.D.?

Do you Meditate In Negative Dialogue?

Listening to an active inner critic or bully that says negative and nasty things about you?

Beating yourself up? I’ve lived here. It was a miserable way to live.

This is what I discovered I was doing at the art fair.

Do you Meditate In Nice Dialogue?

Tell yourself you’re doing your best, you’re only human or it could be worse?

Being kind and giving yourself a break? Being positive?

I have done this. It is helpful.


Do you Meditate In Noble Dialogue?

Honoring your intrinsic value, that empowers you to become what God sees?

That you are deeply loved and worth the very life of his son Jesus?

Saying to yourself the good things He has to say?

This is what has brought change to my life, made me able to celebrate myself.

Noble inner dialogue.

Which of these can you relate to?

You can change your M.I.N.D. if you want to.

As I said, it simply starts with a choice.

Our mouths are powerful. Just as listening to our mouth reveals what is going on inside of us we can use our mouth to change the very thing it reveals.

The pre-set habitual thinking that runs in the background of our mind, our subconscious, can be reprogrammed to how we want it to talk to us.

Everyday life will automatically feed it a mixture of good and bad through the things we happen to hear.

But to get a specific result it needs to be fed intentionally.

We can overwrite the old mindset with a new mindset by speaking out loud, so our ears hear our voice saying what we have chosen to believe.

Hearing. We need to hear it.

Thinking alone will not work.

Thoughts are weaker than the spoken word.

We have to take that fight with the inner dialogue out of our mind where it plays on auto repeat and put it in our mouth.

This is how we overthrow the old and establish the new.

This is not abracadabra.

This is us taking ownership and control over what is going on in our mind.

This is re-teaching ourselves using repetition.

It will take time. We didn’t get where we are overnight so we won’t get where we want to be instantly either. Grace! Grace!

your mind

So how do you feel about this? Are you happy with your current inner dialogue, can you Celebrate Yourself? or do you desire change?

How do you WANT to M.I.N.D.?

Changing is a process, a journey.

Changing is a process, a journey. Click To Tweet

I have been on this grace-filled journey for a while and invite you to join me. I have been around the block as they say. I have made changes and felt like I have ended back at start feeling discouraged.

I share about this at great length in my book.  And because feelings can lie every little victory needs to be celebrated.

We can do this together! #healinghappenstogether

Here are some words that are both Nice and Noble to get you started.

dare to believe

Download a free copy of the full declaration above – inside this post -> In YOUR Skin.

Here are some resources I recommend:

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The Mind Connection

Emerging With Wings: A True Story of Lies, Pain, And The Love that Heals

God Sees Glorious Things In You

So what do you think?? Will you join me? Let me know in the comments.


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6 thoughts on “HOW DO YOU M.I.N.D.? ASK YOUR MOUTH!

  1. I love this Danielle. It correlates with the teaching I have on our words, which we know come from practice of mindset. We speak without really thinking about what to say. Matthew 12:34 – (in red) ” Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” The only way to change your words and mindset is to flood your heart with His Word. Then when trouble comes, it will come out instead of terror. We are like a sponge. Squeeze us and what is in us oozes out. Also like the pic of the guy on the mountain top. I have that as my background pic of my computer. Great lesson for all to ponder and practice. Thanks for it. In Him

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Rick! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to pass it along. And I agree that is a great picture. God bless you! 😊

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