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I felt like Quitting Until THIS Book Encouraged Me


Discouragement is a destroyer. How we respond to it makes all the difference.

When a sequence of events ran my value through the meat grinder of discouragement it enticed me to quit on my dreams.

Encouragement whispered.

Don’t quit now. Look at all you’ve accomplished. Remember your article Write Your Story Even if You’re Not the Best Writer? Look how far you’ve come.

Some days I feel the progress, some days I don’t.

On that day I felt like quitting.

Discouragement is a destroyer. How we respond to it makes all the difference. Click To Tweet


Discouragement spoke.

We all have baggage and weaknesses. What trips up one may not trip up another. Some things trip up everyone.

Discouragement is a form of resistance that will do and say anything to keep us from doing what we dream.

That day, discouragement used over tiredness, minor rejection, and failure to meet my own expectation against me.

It said nasty things magnifying the small issues into unrealistic obstacles.

Discouragement lies.


I pushed back.

reading RADSIn spite of the internal resistance trying to get me to give up on my dreams and quit, I sought words to encourage myself. I sat down to read more of Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins.

I’m still not done reading it.

I don’t want to whiz through to say I finished it without getting what I need.

There’s a lot of information and wisdom to be gained.

As I read I got the encouragement I needed.



What’s in it for you? Power for you to achieve your dreams Click To Tweet


THIS encouraged me.

One story altered my mindset, enlarged my hope, and encouraged me to continue.

In the chapter Practicing in Public, I read how the famous comedian Chris Rock goes about preparing for his tours. The story details how he goes to small clubs and stands up in front of them trying out new material – not the tried and true stuff.

At one place, in particular, he’s been known to bomb.

Seriously?? Famous people bomb?

Sometimes people get up and leave or laugh at him.

No way! That would be so discouraging.

He puts himself in this position—on purpose!

Wow! Why?

On page 129, Jeff writes:

Why does he subject himself to such humiliation? Because Chris Rock didn’t become Chris Rock by practicing his jokes in a dressing room. He did it by taking the stage and failing in front of a live audience. (emphasis mine)

I found that amazing.

He practices in public to see what works and what doesn’t. Failure is simply a tool used to improve his craft.

Discouragement is silenced when failure is viewed as a power tool instead of a wrecking ball.

Chris Rock understands the value and power of practicing in public.

I’ve learned the value of practicing in public from Jeff as a Tribe Writer. But this day I saw it had power.

That encouraged me.

Discouragement is silenced when failure is viewed as a power tool instead of a wrecking ball. Click To Tweet


What’s in it for you?

Power for you to achieve your dreams.

Real Artist’s Don’t Starve is NOT a book on writing.

It’s a book for artists of all kinds.

It’s for creatives in any industry.

It unveils the reality of a thriving artist and tells you what you need to do.

Real Artist’s Don’t Starve is full of stories about singers, writers, painters, sculptures, actors, comedians, cartoonists, filmmakers, rock bands and the list goes on.

Every journey is unique but has something to help you on yours.

If you’ve been programmed with the starving artist mentality like me and many others, Jeff annihilates this mentality in his book. He also enlarges the scope of what is understood as art.

YOU can be successful in what you want to pursue.

You don’t have to starve to do what you dream.


We all have in us a desire to create something. We all battle with the resistance that wants to destroy our dreams.

YOU can be successful in what you want to pursue. Click To Tweet


What to do now

Get words to encourage you to do what you dream.

To become. To create. To accomplish.

What is it? Do you see it as art?

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14 thoughts on “I felt like Quitting Until THIS Book Encouraged Me

  1. Hi Danielle, I’ve not read Jeff Goins new book yet. But I do have it and I will read it, Currently, I am reading your book which is inspiring ME, not to give up! Michigan writers keep it real! 🙂

    1. That’s awesome John. Glad you’re enjoying it. I hope you’ll post an honest review on Amazon when you’re done.

  2. Danielle, we are on the same page with this one. I, too, am savoring this book in small bites. I’m at the 3/4 mark and don’t want it to end. It recharged me, too. I love your quote (shared it, too) “Discouragement is silenced when failure is viewed as a power tool instead of a wrecking ball.” Thanks for a great piece.

    1. That’s so cool Sandy. And thank you! That was a key revelation to me. Changing how I viewed failure. I look forward to reading the rest of the book and learning more.

  3. I’ve read a lot of books. And I’ve felt like quitting. Something that speaks to me far more than sermons, or books, or articles is when people stop what they are doing long enough to truly listen, to truly care, to truly understand, and to truly connect.

    What keeps me going is when I feel the Eternal, the Unconditional, the Absolute love of the One you call “The Pursuer” flowing through us to us.

    I appreciated reading your book Danielle, but what spoke to me deepest was the Spirit by which you gave it to me. Glimpsing “The Pursuer” in you encourages me. All the rest is just stuff.

  4. I loved Jeff’s book. Of course I’ve loved every book he’s written. This last one seemed to speak directly to me though. To tell me that I don’t have to believe what I’ve always believed. And it’s challenging me to keep sharing my gift of writing, my call to write with everyone I can. After all, if I believe that God is the one who empowers me to write, why do I think he would not help me in other areas of this as well. He always has. I appreciated your post.

    1. I love all the books I’ve read of Jeff’s also. My first was the Art of Work. I haven’t read Wrecked or the In-Between yet, but would like to. I’m glad you’re encouraged and it’s helping you get a new mindset.

      Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh right, THAT’S where I read that story! In Jeff’s book! 🙂

    It’s kind of amazing how stories stick with us…

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s a compelling thought that failure can be our ally instead of our enemy.
    Practicing in public is scary, failing is scary, but not trying at all is even scarier!

    Sharing with my followers too. Good stuff!

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