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I’m excited to announce the launch of my eBook!

It took weeks of writing, editing, and formatting, and I’m thrilled to finally share it with you. Love’s Manifesto.

Love’s Manifesto

To be seen, to be known, to be loved into wholeness


loves manifesto cover

About the manifesto

Love’s Manifesto is a small eBook about becoming your true self through the power of love.

Growing out of two of my previous articles about not being invisible & being seen this short manifesto is a call to join the journey to wholeness

Intentionally poetic and brief, Love’s Manifesto can be read it in one sitting.


How to get a copy

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Once you’ve read it…

If you’ve already read Love’s Manifesto, let me say thank you. I poured my heart into his little book, and I’m honored that you took the time to read it. So… what did you think?

Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. If you liked it, you are welcome to share it with others.

Here are a few ideas:

And here are some other ways to get involved:

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6 thoughts on “LOVE’S MANIFESTO

  1. If you’ve struggled to understand God’s love, youv got to read this.

    You’ll stop believing the lies you’ve been told. You’ll quit worrying about whether you’re good enough. And you’ll start enjoying God’s love in all its depth and sweetness.

    Use this regularly to remind yourself of who you are – and Whose you are. You’ll never be the same.

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