NO $$ Needed

Here are some FREE H.O.P.E. seeds. What are these you ask?

Many times we fail to help others because we view ourselves as incapable for various reasons. Not having money is often one of those reasons. Not knowing what to do is often another reason. Listed below are various things that I have done &/or can be done with no monetary cost. So if you are interested in SOWing 4 HOPE  these seeds are offered to you.

Plant with love…

let someone get to the door ahead of you & even open the door for them


garage sale to give money earned away

give a needed band-aid you carry to a mom for her child at the mall

house sit

cat/dog sit

do tasks: weed garden/lawn, wrap present, paint, do dishes

give your shopping cart to someone

give blood

participate in a walk for a cause you care about

provide transportation

do errands

give someone cuts in line

take sleepers to NICU

give boxes to someone moving

give away a gift card you won

clean someone’s home

wash someone’s car

encourage with words

volunteer: at a school, at a hospital, at a church…

time / listen

intentionally return good for evil

mow a lawn

walk a dog

shovel snow


trim bushes

…seeds grow because that is what seeds do – LIFE is IN them just wanting to get out & produce more life. I invite you to plant a garden.


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