Do you have the right connections?

Do You Have the Right Connections?

  Do you know Seth Godin? I have a story to tell you about a connection I made. I didn’t get it right. I embarrassed myself in an epic way. It was at my first writer’s conference. I was so excited to connect with fellow writer’s I knew online. But I was also nervous. I […]

roller coaster tick tick tick

When Life Is a Roller Coaster Ride Hold Onto Enough

I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters but I like certain ones. I don’t like the steep vertical drops. The tick tick tick tick sound as it slowly creeps up into the sky looking like I’m being jettisoned into space unnerves me. My heart pounds anticipating the drop to come. The fear locks my […]

3 things you need when leaving your comfort zone


Ahhh the comfort zone. Just saying it feels good, doesn’t it? The place our insides feel all cuddly and warm. Safe, secure and confident. We love it there. It’s familiar and predictable. The place where things go according to our plan. Where we have a sense of control. We feel we need to live there. […]