favorite quotes

5 Reasons Why We Have Favorite Quotes

  The other day I was captivated by four little words I’d painted on my wall. Just a simple quote: Live loved Live free I just stood there staring at them appreciating the beauty of their artistic form and meaning. But then, I started to question why. Why was I captivated by them? Why would […]

You are enough

Fear Detox: How to Choose Love

Just like two weeks ago, today my writing didn’t go as planned. I had two other drafts before this one. What was my problem? Well, last week I said I’d talk about the love I mentioned at the end of the article. The love in the manifesto. The love in my book. The love that […]

Open your heart to know & be known

What it Means to KNOW Someone (3+7)

 Love’s manifesto has the subtitle To be seen, to be known, and to be loved into wholeness. This is the craving in the heart of every human being whether they will admit it or not. We already talked about the being seen part. What it means, why we want it, and what it will do for us. […]

have you been robbed


When I lived in Arizona I had a job not too far from my house so I usually went home for lunch every day. I enjoyed being able to leave the office and be in my own space for a bit. Even if it was only for a half hour. One particular day as I […]

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When was the last time you wished for more hours in a day, days in a week, etc…feeling like there is just never enough time? In my last two posts I talked about time and here I am doing it again. That was not the plan. Nevertheless, it is my subject again. This past week […]