Power in Moments of Time

Power in Moments of Time

  Have you ever been arrested by a song? A moment in time where it just made you stop and take notice of something and contemplate deep things? It’s powerful. It happened to me with the song Slow Down by Nicole Nordeman. It’s a deeply emotional look at the love of a mother for her […]

vegetable stand at farmers market

9 Essential Nutrients for a Vibrant Inner Life

A healthy vibrant inner life does not happen by accident. The inner life has needs. These needs are ongoing. Just like your body burns the fuel you feed it and you must eat again, likewise your inner life. Both need nutrients and reflect what they consume. How so? Your outer life (the things you do) […]

What time is it Mr Fox?

What Time Is It Mr. Fox?

Ever play that kids game What time is it Mr. Fox? I’m currently playing it with my life. Well, kind of. I admit I forgot the rules so had to look them up (thank you Google®). What did I find? Rules to a game – duh! (head slap myself). My life is not a game. […]

“And then it was the next day…”

Hopes. Intentions. Plans. We all have them. There are times we procrastinate or fall to distractions and things don’t get done. But then there are very important changes in life that rightfully occupy our time. In either case, our hopes, intentions, and plans sit untouched as time slips by and we find it has become the next day. […]

NO $$ Needed

Here are some FREE H.O.P.E. seeds. What are these you ask? Many times we fail to help others because we view ourselves as incapable for various reasons. Not having money is often one of those reasons. Not knowing what to do is often another reason. Listed below are various things that I have done &/or […]