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Change. Life is full of it. It can be both exciting and terrifying. It can be planned or unplanned. It can be good and it can be bad. But one thing is

But one thing is a constant – change moves us to a new place.

It takes us somewhere.

This is something we can capitalize on.

For many people, if not all of us, change can be scary.

We like the comfort of status quo unless the current situation is painful in some way. But even then sometimes we humans find it difficult. The pain is familiar and change involves unknowns.

But we can overcome the fear that wants to hold us prisoner.

But we can overcome the fear that wants to hold us prisoner. Click To Tweet

To do so we need to focus on what is in front of us instead of what we leave behind.

We need to set our internal GPS to a new location.

Is there somewhere you want to go?

I’m not really talking about vacation kind of travel (although that can be life changing as well). I’m talking more about with your life.

Are you frustrated with something about yourself or your circumstances?

Are you needing a better job?

A better relationship with someone?

To own your own business?

Write a book?

Get healthy?

Get out of debt?

Stop beating yourself up?

Live with more purpose? And the list goes on…

Sometimes where we want to go is simple. One choice and things are different. Easy peasy.

But sometimes what we want is a long way from where we are.

So much so that discouragement builds a wall in front of us.

Yet that wall is indeed scalable and we can discover the changes we need to get where we say we want to go.

Sometimes repetitive changes are needed. This is called growth.

Sometimes repetitive changes are needed. This is called growth. Click To Tweet

That was the case with me.

Even though I did not really know how to get to where I wanted to go I knew that change was the way to get there.

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I wanted to go from hating and loathing myself to loving and honoring myself. That was a long journey.

But if I can do it – so can you, if this is where you want to travel.

I wanted to go from poverty to having more than enough so I can help others. That was a long journey.

But if I can do it – so can you, if this is where you want to travel.

I wanted to go from broken relationships to close connections. Every relationship is a journey in itself.

But if I can do it – so can you, if this is where you want to travel.

So where do you want to go?

How do you get there?


I believe that the first thing that needs to change is our mindset.

We have to change how we think.

Sounds simple but I found it to be quite difficult. Yet like that wall of discouragement is scalable, conquering the land between our ears is possible.

To change how we think we must change what we think. That requires intention.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

– Jim Rohn

After we change of how we think we will need to take action.

What we need to do will be determined by where we have chosen to go.

But fear not – this is a journey, not a performance.

You didn’t get where you are overnight and you won’t get where you want to go overnight either.

You need to give yourself grace for process.

I had to do that here in this space. On this blog. I am still on a journey.

I started in the land of excessive personal privacy with fear as the door and shame as the curtains that kept all but a few from really knowing me. Writing and publishing my book tore the curtains down and kicked the door in at my emotional home.

I emerged a different person, hence the name of my book.

Tabatha Coffey quote

I became brave.

Since then I have been doing more change.

Little by little internalizing the things I learned while writing my book.

I have spent countless hours reprogramming my once fragile mindset to acquire the ability to become genuinely vulnerable.

This was no small task.

Yet here I am and I see it as nothing short of miraculous.

According to this video I have “jumped”.

I have also acquired the bumps, bruises and wounds along the way and I’m still waiting for my parachute to open.

But because I want to “soar” I “jumped”

“Steve Harvey wisdom – You Got To Jump”


More than once I have taken that leap of faith in the face of the fears that screamed “you will fail, you will fall, people will hate it, you’ll go broke etc etc.”

Fear imprisons. Love frees.

Love gives you courage to jump.

Where do you want to go? Will you choose change?

Do you want to soar? Will you jump?

Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

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  1. I loved this post, loved the Steve Harvey video as well…You’ll be safe but you’ll never soar… Praying others who read this blog, and need it, gain a deep understanding, it could very much be life changing. Beautifully written!

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