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WHY CHRISTMAS MATTERS (2 Reasons – Even If You Don’t Believe In Jesus)

There is a lot of controversy regarding Christmas. People fight about how we should celebrate when we should celebrate and even where we should celebrate. But the biggest fight is about why.

Why does Christmas matter? Why should you celebrate Christmas? Because Christmas changed your life in two concrete ways – without you doing a thing.


Christmas involves you at a personal level.

At its core, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, aka Jesus of Nazareth.

So let’s look at this Jesus. How did his life change yours?

In the timeline of history, there are BC and AD. BC stands for Before Christ and AD stands for anno domini meaning in the year of our Lord.

This change came about because of the Jesus of Christmas. No other human being in history has reset the calendar.

Because of this Jesus of Christmas, there is a split in time.

Because of this Jesus of Christmas, the world started over.

Because of this Jesus, everyone’s date of birth is connected to Christmas.

Christmas, the celebration of a birthday, gave you a different birthday than if Christmas had never happened.

Like it or not, you are forever connected to Christmas.

How does that make you feel?

Christmas, at its core, says you matter. Click To Tweet



Christmas gives you value and compassion.

Society is different since the Jesus of Christmas was born. This has had an enormous impact on us today. How so?

I have a story.

This past year, a business owner harmed my son, his pregnant wife, and son. The long story in one sentence is: the company hired him, laid him off after eight days and the owner has been challenging my son’s unemployment claiming he never hired him and he was never an employee. Unbelievable! This caused a great deal of emotional and financial distress.

It makes me so angry I want to do something awful.

But I have not.


Have you ever been so angry with someone you wanted to kill them or used the terminology I’m gonna kill you?

Of course, you have.

Did you kill them?

No, of course, you didn’t.

Again, why?

Because the Jesus of Christmas changed the value of human life.

Jesus of Nazareth had radical ideas for his time. One of his ideas was a different way to think, see, and live. He treated his fellow man with compassion. He told people to love their enemies. He introduced the world to a new view of God, one that invited intimacy.

The religious leaders of that day hated this and plotted to kill him for it.


Kill, as in dead, not a figure of speech.

Seriously? Wasn’t murder against the law they promoted?


Why would the religious people act in such a hedonistic, violent way?


Have you ever heard the story of Cain and Abel?

Cain killed his brother Able without any remorse.

Then Cain, who was now a murderer, established the first civilization. Civilization followed the way of Cain. Civilization advanced by treading upon the corpses of those who were “not us” and “not on our side. – Brian Zahnd – Farewell to Mars

Before the Jesus of Christmas (BC) men were unapologetically brutal. Men like Alexander the Great, Pharaoh, Julius Caesar and Ramesses the Great.

The only way we can begin to fathom their brutality is in war. But even in war we now have rules.

Why is that?

Because our world is different because of the Jesus of Christmas.

Compassion was born.

Even if you don’t believe in the Jesus of Christmas, his life is a historical fact and his story changed our world.

What story?

And then there is the rest of the story where Jesus grows up, spreads his ideas and demonstrates what he says which costs him his life, taking us to his story of Easter.

homeless man sleeping on sidewalk

The Jesus of Christmas elevated the value of the poor, the sick, the weak, the outcast, the marginalized, and the victimized.

Before Christmas, there was no such thing as human rights.

Now whether you believe Jesus is the son of God or not, the story remains the same. And this story has changed the world. The Jesus of Christmas changed the hearts of people. Compassion was born in people’s hearts because they saw it on display in the life of Jesus.

Compassion was born in people’s hearts because they saw it on display in the life of Jesus. Click To Tweet

Yes, there are still those who tread on the corpses of others for their own gain and power.

But now humanity does not take it lightly. Unremorseful murder is not tolerated. Awful things are called atrocities now. We call it wrong. We want to stop it.

murderer night headlights

Before Christmas, there were no hospitals, orphanages, relief for the poor, mission trips, Boys Town, Peace Corps, Unicef, Salvation Army, gofundme, the purpose hotel project or the other countless ways mankind has innovated to help one another.

Because of Christmas, humanity at large is now capable of a love, a mercy and a grace that had been missing.

These two things…

Christmas involves you at a personal level.

Christmas gives you value and compassion.

…are a byproduct of the Jesus of Christmas.


That you might know how deeply you are loved, apart from anything you do.

Christmas, at its core, says you matter.

My Christmas wish is that you would know and believe in the Jesus of Christmas.

Knowing his love has made a profound difference in my life. Even when my holiday’s hurt he comforts me.


Comfort and Joy to you and yours.

Love, Danielle


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4 thoughts on “WHY CHRISTMAS MATTERS (2 Reasons – Even If You Don’t Believe In Jesus)

  1. Hi Danielle!

    These are two great reasons. Sometimes people don’t consider that the value system of our society and the timeline we live in are both direct result of the Birth of Christ.

    Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas! – Ilka

    1. Thanks, Ilka. I think it is profound. Thank you for sharing too. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

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