How to destroy goals instead of them destroying you

How to Destroy Goals Instead of Them Destroying You

Everyone likes accomplishing things. Not everyone makes plans. Setting goals only to fail can feel like an exercise in self-destruction. Been there? I have. I’ve tried and failed. I’ve written down things I want to accomplish during the year and been left feeling defeated and discouraged. Why bother? I want to live loved, not destroy […]

Just say NO

How To Use Your NO To Change Your Life

Life is full of obstacles and throws curveballs at us. It happens to everyone. How you deal with it determines what happens next. Will you allow it to destroy you? Or will you exhibit the determination and persistence seen in many a toddler? Will you slam your foot down saying NO! and refuse to quit […]

you can defy the arghhhh

You Can Defy the ARGHHHHHH!

I wish I could say it isn’t true but frustration is a part of life. Sometimes it is mild but sometimes it can be quite intense. When did it last happen to you? How bad was it? Was it painful? Was it the kind where your head hurts, your muscles tense, your stomach turns, you […]