Say Goodbye or not?

To Say Goodbye, or not?

  Letting go is painful. But we have a choice. Before the U.S. housing market crash, my husband became unemployed and could only find work in a state thousands of miles and three time zones away. A place called Arizona. Accepting the job would force us to say goodbye to the life we knew and […]

5 ways adventure ensures selfcare

5 Ways Adventure Ensures Self-Care

  ~ A guest post by Shayne Seymour sharing his adventures regarding self-care. ~   Self-care isn’t just a buzzword or the mantra of 20-year-old life coaches. It’s essential for well-being. One of the best ways to make sure you’re taking care of yourself is by mixing in a little adventure. I was stoked when […]

2 kinds of self-care

2 kinds of self-care

If you’re looking for things to do for self-care, online there are a plethora of listicles ranging from 10 to 134 ideas for you. I started making my own kind of list until I thought Who needs another to-do list? Self-care is not rooted in performing tasks. Self-care is behavior that follows the mindset of […]

adults want playtime 10 reasons needed

Adults Want Playtime – 10 Reasons Why They NEED IT

Kids think adults have it easy. That they have all the power, all the fun. But actually, adulting is hard. Grown up life is demanding and full of responsibilities we don’t always want to do but need to do anyway. There is so much to focus on, so much to do, so much to remember, […]

hellos and good byes

Hellos and Goodbyes

Hello, how are you? Goodbye, see you later. Simple exchanges right? Sometimes. Not always. Our lives are full of hellos and goodbyes. More than we realize. Or at least more than I did, until I read something that made me aware of it. It was a little mini book by Edwin Louis Cole titled “Entering […]