Do you have the right connections?

Do You Have the Right Connections?


Do you know Seth Godin? I have a story to tell you about a connection I made. I didn’t get it right. I embarrassed myself in an epic way.

It was at my first writer’s conference. I was so excited to connect with fellow writer’s I knew online. But I was also nervous. I wanted to do this conference thing right and didn’t know what that meant.


Leaving the comfort zone

One thing I did was prepare my introverted-self to leave my comfort zone. At least I got that right.

I printed out a post I’d written where I learned a lesson the hard way. I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake.

I didn’t.

I made a new blunder.

Sandy Kreps
Sandy Kreps: Modern Simplicity

My first encounter with the sea of new faces was at a meet-up before the conference.

Some were profile pictures turned human and others were complete strangers. I was glad I’d taken a Xanax before I went.

To push myself to interact I gave myself a job.

I started taking selfies with people.

I started with Sandy who’d shared a selfie in our private online group.

She had inspired me so it only seemed right.

Then I moved around the room to people I didn’t even know. I continued at the conference later that night and the two days following.


Connecting with these people enlarged my world. They are amazing, passionate, talented artists of various kinds.

Some have turned into dear friends.

You never know which connection you make might be just what you need.

You never know which connection you make might be just what you need. Click To Tweet

Check out my selfies, connect where you like – any one of them might be just the right connection for you.


After them, you’ll find my embarrassing story of epic proportions and have a good laugh.


Click to connect

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How I embarrassed myself at the conference

Seth-GodinI asked you if you knew Seth Godin. This is him. He’s pretty famous.

I’m not real familiar with him other than I’ve heard people in my writer groups talk about him, I’ve seen a couple pictures and read a couple things he wrote on his blog.

The last day of the conference I was in the premium lounge on break chatting with people.

As I was standing near the door a guy walks in and I said hi, just being friendly. Then I saw his name tag. It said Seth Godin!

I thought to myself I just said hi to Seth Godin!

We’d just finished hearing about what Marsha called a dork goblin. That’s the person who appears when we get all nervous when talking to someone we’re intimidated by (read about that here) so I thought it was cool that I’d just casually said hi.

I knew some people would’ve turned into their dork goblin.

I thought of asking for a selfie with him but decided not to because of who he was. I wondered if he was keeping a low profile because Jeff hadn’t told us he was there.

I told some people I’d said hi to Seth Godin and they responded He’s Here???

I said Yea, he was in the premium lounge.

One friend I’d told messaged me she had talked to him too saying it’s definitely him.

As I was telling a couple other people and getting the same giddy response one friend shared how he’d read her work and called her brilliant.

Because I’d been doing the selfie thing I asked her if she wanted a selfie with him. Maybe I could make that happen. She was elated at the possibility.

One thing about me when it comes to my friends is I have no dork goblin and my introversion disappears if they need something.

So, caring about my new friend I got all bold. I told her I was going to see if he was still there and if I could make it happen!

So I strutted off to the premium lounge to see if he was still there and he was. I went back and got her to make her dream happen.

She waited for me by the door as I went to go ask him.

In my euphoria of making my friend happy I waltzed up to this man who is in conversation with someone and just interrupted.


I just interrupted them and said I’m going to be rude and just interrupt.

How rude of me!

But I had a mission to accomplish and cared about my friend.

I told him I have a friend who would like a selfie with you. You’ve read her work and called her brilliant in an email. This would mean so much to her – will you do it?

The man Seth had been talking to says to me Do you know who he is?

And I’m like Yea, that’s why I’m asking

But the man pressed further.

Then he made me read Seth’s name tag: Seth Guge. OMG! Can I disappear???

I’ve just made a complete fool of myself in front of these two strangers and apparently lied to my friends.

So what did I do?

Instead of allowing the embarrassment to consume me, I responded Will you do it anyway? Can we make use of this?

We chatted a bit and he agreed.

So I return to my friend and tell her what an idiot I was and how it’s not Seth Godin but he agreed to come and take a selfie with her anyway. Maybe it could be a good connection.

When she met him, her dork goblin asked him are you anyone important? He said yes.

My oh my, what boldness and embarrassment do to us.

Seth Godin
Seth Guge: Verve
with my friend Anne


It turns out he is the principal creative director at Verve and has worked with Tyndall House.

They took the selfie, chatted some more and it turned out to be a nice connection.

Later I walked up to him at a table and said I’m going to be your story from the conference, aren’t I?

And the man sitting by him said Yes. He just told me the story.

This is:

My not Seth Godin story





The moral of the story or the point of my post is

Connecting with people can bring surprising results. Even if you embarrass yourself.

Connecting with people can bring surprising results. Even if you embarrass yourself. Click To Tweet


What next:

  • Where do you need to go outside your comfort zone and find the connections you need?
  • Need some words to help you be bolder? Get the Free download Dare to Believe.
  • Got an embarrassing story that will make me laugh? Please share in the comments


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24 thoughts on “Do You Have the Right Connections?

  1. LOVED the story. And yes, I guess that was my dork goblin. Marsha really got us to look at ourselves, didn’t she.
    Oh by the way. Thank you, because you went through all of that for me.
    I really appreciate it.

    1. I’m so glad you loved it, Anne. I hoped you’d approve.
      And you’re very welcome. That’s what friends are for. 😉

    1. Thank you! There was a time when I would have. But I’m happy to share now. I’ve learned how to laugh at myself. And so glad I have.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Thanks for the story. Personally, I loved even more (not sure why…guess cause I checked a few out and made a potentially great connection) all your conference selfies with so many, why you did it, and how you did it! Superb!
    ps – I came to your site based on a Jeff Goins quote/excerpt from your book that has long attracted or resonated with me. Looking forward to reading your book too!

    1. You’re welcome, Naomi! Thank you for coming to my site and joining our community here.
      Thank you for buying my book – I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  3. The way you described this made me feel like I was in the room too. Continue being bold and venturing out of your comfort zone. Amazing adventures await!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you for your encouragement, Giovanis.
      Thank you for reading and commenting too.

  4. I thought I was gong to be jealous that you met Seth Godin. It turns out I’m jealous you get to have this story!

    All the selfies are really cool. Great idea, Danielle!

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