How to Stop Being Godzilla in Your Own Life

How to Stop Being Godzilla in Your Own Life


There’s a Godzilla in your life and it’s ruining everything. Not an actual giant fire-breathing lizard—but just as destructive. Have you seen the old cheesy movies? Without warning, Godzilla would arise out of the ocean and destroy everything in his path.


You become Godzilla when you should yourself.  

What do I mean?

When we try to make ourselves do something that’s good for us because we feel like we should.

We’ve all done it. We ruminate on how we should do stuff.

  • We should lose weight
  • We should get healthier
  • We should read more
  • We should quit smoking
  • We should exercise more
  • We should get out of debt
  • We should… and the list is endless.

When we should ourselves we become like Godzilla to what we want to accomplish.

We try, and we fail, and then we beat ourselves up. This is not an exercise in self-improvement—it’s destructive.

You can change all that and become successful instead of Godzilla.

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Shoulds destroy the thing you’re trying to do.

I learned this when I tried to start a new habit, a daily practice of quiet meditation. I initially tried this new habit because I thought it’d be good for me. I should do it.

Little did I know that like Godzilla arose out of the ocean, self-sabotage arose in me.

I became Godzilla through the should and failed at what I was trying to do.


How shoulding works.

The emotion invoked when we tell ourselves we should do something is negative. Shoulding ourselves is a form of self-coercion. Coercion negates the will and brings a feeling of threat and force.

Shoulding ourselves brings feelings of shame. Inside we feel like we’re not good enough so we’re punishing our self or putting our self in jail. We want to be free.

The desire for freedom from the inner oppression wins through self-sabotage.


What you need instead.

The answer is hidden in the act of self-sabotage. The want for freedom.

I discovered this one day while wrestling with a lot of anxiety. During that day I practiced the quiet meditation three separate times. The first and second time didn’t do much for me.

The third time I learned about want—because of my need.

Want is desire and a form of need, or craving. My need created a craving.

I wanted what the quiet meditation had to offer me and I acquired it. I found inner quiet and the anxiety was stilled. This increased my desire and craving to continue this new habit. I haven’t missed a day since and it’s wonderful.

The same goes for eating more vegetables, going to the gym, quitting smoking or whatever you’re shoulding yourself about because it’s good for you.

It being good for you is not enough.

What you need is to tap into is your desire. When you want something enough—you’ll crave it.

Once you crave it you’ll do whatever you need to acquire it.


How to be successful instead of Godzilla.

Shoulding your self is not good—even if it’s for a good reason.

The way to success is through good self-care. To succeed you need to love yourself enough to find your desire, your need, and tap into it.

That’s what I did on that anxiety-filled day. I needed peace on the inside and the quiet meditation was the means to get it. I craved the quiet so I went after it until I got it. I succeeded!

Employing our will is the way to success.

Employing our will is the way to success. Click To Tweet

How to succeed when there’s no will, no craving.

We all have things we wish were different but we’re not really willing. We have no craving, no drive.

I found myself in this position when shoulding myself about quitting smoking. Full story here. I found success!

There’s hope!

When you wish something—but don’t want it, you could say—you want to want it. You will to want it.

If you’ll employ that want, that will, and ask God for help He is more than willing to help. That’s how I succeeded. There’s a verse in the Bible that says:

For God is carefully working in you both to desire and to do that thing which you desire. Philippians 2:13 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

God will give you the want to when you want to want to, just like He did for me. So if you’re having trouble finding that desire, that want to—but you want it—pray—ask for help. Pray every day over and over and the desire, the craving will arise within you instead of Godzilla.

Then you can do what you want to do instead of shoulding yourself.


What next

If you have a Godzilla or success story, please share in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “How to Stop Being Godzilla in Your Own Life

  1. I appreciate the reminder. I think I’ve overcome this through the years, but then I realize how cunning these subtle should messages can be. We also graciously share our “shoulds” with others, don’t we? I am glad for the reminder (as are the “others” I just mentioned, I’m sure!!)

    1. Yes, you’re right Patty. The shoulds can be quite cunning indeed. Especially if we’ve had history with them. They bring a sense of familiarity that lures us in with that subtlety you mentioned.

      Thank you for bringing up the shoulding of others too. I don’t want to be Godzilla in anyone else’s life either. Great point.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. You remind of what Yoda said: “Do or do not. There is no should.”

    I know. He really said “try”.

    But the point is the same. Should isn’t doing. All it does is add guilt to not doing.

    You wisely say we do what we want. So let’s decide we want the things that are best for us!

    1. Thank you Frank. I take it as a compliment that I reminded you of Yoda.

      Yes, it’s starts with deciding. Sometimes that’s enough. Sometimes it takes more. Sometimes we have to learn, to submit to a process, like Luke had to train to become a Jedi.

      Thank you for your Star Wars view. I love it.

    1. You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure to be of help and encouragement.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      Happy New Year.

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