How to stop the blues


  You don’t have to suffer seasonal affective disorder to get the blues. Winter or not, the blues or blahs come to everybody at some time or another. It can be hard to stop them but the key thing is—you can stop them—I’ll show you how. The negative emotions from the blues can be intoxicating. […]

God didn't do that


This week has been rough in many ways. So much tragedy has gone on and it breaks my heart. I am reminded of my post Emotional Hockey by Moonlight, how I was at a loss for words. Today I have to speak up. I have read many articles and blog posts by people speaking out […]

When It’s Dark Inside

Last week I wrote on laughter. This week’s topic is totally different. Funny how things can change so quickly and deeply. Not funny haha like that post on laughing – but funny as in strange and unexpected. I want to tell you about a day I had this week. Maybe you have had a day […]