“And then it was the next day…”

Hopes. Intentions. Plans. We all have them.

There are times we procrastinate or fall to distractions and things don’t get done.

But then there are very important changes in life that rightfully occupy our time. In either case, our hopes, intentions, and plans sit untouched as time slips by and we find it has become the next day.

Or the next week.

Or the next month.

Or the next year….

Or in my case, it has been almost two and a half years since I have been here.

And I see that many I knew in this space have disappeared as well. So what happened?

I cannot speak for the others but as for me?

A LOT has happened.

Among many other things, I have written and published a book. What an amazing journey that was.

Absolutely life changing. I am not the same. I have grown and so have my dreams

I plan to update here weekly as I prepare my new site (which is why this blog is now called Sow4Hope In Transition). When my new one is ready I will invite you to come and visit where I will have a free Ebook available.

Until then I invite you to engage me here, follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or you can email me at dbernock@emergingwithwings.com 

I also have a simple website for my book with reviews, comments, links and more. Please visit and send me some feedback.

And last but certainly not least please get a copy of My book HERE you won’t be disappointed.cover screenshot cropped


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8 thoughts on ““And then it was the next day…”

    1. Hi Gina
      Unfortunately Emerging With Wings is only available in paperback. When I get my new site up and running I plan to have a free Ebook of another story available. Blessings to you as well! 🙂

      1. Thank you Danielle. I look forward to reading your updates and blog. Grateful for your allowing the comfort that you received from God to bring comfort and hope to others. You are truly Blessed.

  1. Hi Danielle,

    It is so true what say. We all have hopes, intentions and plans, and then we often get so caught up in the distractions and things don’t get done (….sometimes it feels as if it’s only happening to me, so I really appreciated seeing that…..lol).

    I’m glad to see that you’ve had a lot happening for you over the past two years!

    I’m looking forward to your updates here and to see where you are going to take things from here.

    As you say, you have grown and so have your dreams. That is great. You are blessed! Keep on growing.

    Have a great day,


  2. I am excited to read future posts as your writings bring my heart to a safe harbor to recover in and heal. I breathed a sigh of relief as I read your post “And then it was the next day…” Where does the time go when you pull over to the side of the road in life’s journey to mend a broken heart? Brokenness to wholeness is worth the time spent in the journey. Thanks for bringing the process into the light of day through your own story and giving courage to those who have embarked on the adventure.

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